Obama is now truly a 2nd term president

A recent Gallup poll now shows for the first time ever, a majority of Americans view Obama unfavorably as a person. His favorability has dipped below 50 before (like during the healthcare.gov website blowup), but never has his unfavorability drifted over 50%. His job approval also from Gallup is -13 points (specifically 41-54 positive). RealClearPolitics daily average has him at negative 11 point slide.

Typically a 2nd term president always sees some kind disaster whether it’s political or personal. And with exception to ’98 under Bill Clinton, every White House party has seen their congressional membership go down to the opposition party. It looks like 2014 will play out very favorably for the GOP in dethroning Sleazy Harry’s a $ $ and expanding their majority in the House (unless they once again snatch defeat from the jaws of victory which I’m hopeful won’t happen this time).

And the tea party in particular is looking like to benefit heavily too with a more than likely victory for Chris McDaniel in the MS run-off and the shocker victory of Dave Brat against Eric Cantor in VA. We’ve also gotta work to elect a new majority leader who’ll actually ally with our causes. This writer endorses Raul Labrador as successor to Eric Cantor as House Majority Leader. I’ll also endorse either Justin Amash or Ted Poe for Speaker of the House in 2015.

From the VA scandal (speaking of which here’s a funny new video from Reason TV on that), to Obamacare, to the Bergdahl swap and IRS among others, this regimist administration is burning in flames on virtually every turn. The next president (hopefully Cruz, Paul or some kind of Governor) will have a hell of a job rebuilding this country’s economy. Not only that, but this will have to be a new era where the size government MUST be SHRUNK. Not slowed down, but actually shrunk. That means repealing Obamacare, repealing Dodd-Frank, reforming and saving entitlement programs from bankruptcy. In order to make that happen, 2014 will have to be the laying ground work for 2016. Let’s make that happen.