Aussie Prime Minister plans to stop Obama on climate change

From the Libertarian Republic.

Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott is seeking out “like-minded” countries to form an alliance to thwart climate policies being pushed by President Obama and other world leaders.

Abbott announced his intention to stymie efforts to push climate policies on unwilling countries as he met with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper on Monday. Abbott said he seeks to  build a conservative alliance with Canada, Britain, India and New Zealand.

All  are Commonwealth countries that were formerly part of the British Empire and are led by center-right governments, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

About damn time someone calls out Obama for his climate bull$^it scheme. We’ve waited for 5 years for someone to actually stand up and act to stop this totalitarian administration and finally someone is. Granted we’ve had Senators and Representatives call out and attempt to stop Obama lawless acts ( T Cruz, R Paul, M Lee, J Amash, T Massie, J Bridenstine etc), but we’ve never had a leader of another country do this before.

Tony Abbott was last year elected Prime Minister in a landslide by the Liberal-National Coalition (liberal meaning center-right obviously) and one of his first acts in office was to scrap a carbon tax established under the previously controlled Labour government. He even once called man-made climate change “pure bullcrap” (I’d like to see him say that in front of Al Gore). What I really got I wonder is where the hell is the GOP on this? Mitch McConnell? John Boehner? Eric Cantor? Lindsey Graham (wait nevermind)? John McCain (again nevermind)?

Will the GOP (particularly the establishment) have the balls to stand with Tony Abbott and Stephen Harper to say HELL NO to Obama’s climate change agenda? I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t just like they have in the past 5 years.