Will Democrats have an Iraq moment with Obamacare?

As Obamacare continues dodding around and falling apart, I have to ask this question: When will Democrats (particularly those in red states) openly admit it was a huge mistake? Will Dems have an Iraq moment? Obviously not with far-left Dems, but will red state Dems ever admit mistake? You can only go so far before the consequences become face apparent and it denying it will only cost Dems come November. The levels of unpopularity with Obamacare now par with Iraq back in ’06 and ’07 under Bush.

Will Mary Landrieu, Mark Pryor, Mark Begich, Kay Hagan and even Mark Udall see what a huge mistake they made? They’re all running for reelection and their constituents are mad as hell with the Obamacare cancellations. The tea party and GOP are set to make huge gains in November through winning the Senate and the House. I decided to draw an analogy with Obamacare to Iraq cause some of the circumstances are similar.

Granted there’s huge differences since Iraq was initially broadly popular while Obamacare never was, but nonetheless both cases hold negative political impact for the respective presidents. Dems were able to make huge gains and control Congress in ’06 and ’14 is shaping up like that for the GOP with Obamacare. But at what point do Dems ever abandon their party leadership and admit mistake? Just an open question. Probably best they didn’t anyway so they’ll get what they deserve which is a boot kicking out of office.