Mississippi runoff and South Carolina

Well last night I must say was very interesting. For awhile there, it looked like Chris McDaniel would outright beat Cochran, though I initially didn’t know that there’s a minimum 50% threshold to avoid a runoff. Anyhow, Cochran I’m more than happy to say is DOOMED. I’d more than happily U.S. Senator Chris McDaniel, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

For as big as MS is, there’s another race next week that hasn’t been mentioned near as much but holds just as if not more significance. And that is the Senate seat in SC held by the Dreaded Lindsey (cute nickname I’ve given him). While he hasn’t been in office as long as Cochran, he might as well have been cause he’s just as terrible a career politician.

FreedomWorks in the past several months has published posts of the ten worst votes of a particular career politician including Dreaded Lindsey which was posted by Julie Borowski back in January. They also posted his ten most absurd quotes. When you look at both of these, it’s a no brainer that Graham has to go.

I hear some thrill about Nancy Mace and I’ll happily anyone but Dreaded Lindsey, but my candidate preference is State Senator Lee Bright. Who is he? He happens to be the most conservative member in the South Carolina Legislature and holds a 100% lifetime rating from the SC Club for Growth. Lee Bright also has much libertarian lean to him as demonstrated with his staunch opposition to mass surveillance without warrant which Dreaded Lindsey is a huge defender of. He’s also staunchly opposed and committed to repealing Obamacare for good.

While I haven’t seen much polling in recent weeks out of the primary, I think it’s more than likely that there’ll be a runoff since SC has a minimum 50% threshold to avoid. My question why the hell isn’t anyone at RedState, FreedomWorks, SCF, Madison Project, Club For Growth getting involved in this race? Please donate what you can so Graham will be forced into a runoff and then be defeated from there.

SC please I beg of you, PLEASE send this guy packing. He thinks the Constitution (particularly the 4th amendment) can be disregarded in time of war. You’ve sent advocates for liberty such as Jim DeMint to Washington before and about to do so again with Tim Scott. Send also Lee Bright there too. He’ll stand tall in for liberty and the constitution along side with Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Chris McDaniel and Ben Sasse. Thanks for listening.

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PPS: Here’s also Lee Bright’s campaign website.