McClung Miracle Money Bomb Today! Trying to beat a Marxist.

Since I first wrote about Ruth McClung who is our candidate for AZ 07 I’m so happy to see all the local and national exposure she’s getting from Michelle Malkin to Sean Hannity and of course posts by our own Moe Lane here at RS.  Ruth has a money bomb today and is trying to reach $100k.  She really needs our help to beat back the Co Chair of the American Socialist Party (Congressional Progressive Caucus) Raul Grijalva.  I can give you anecdotal evidence from Republican voters in my precinct is that they are all voting and they are all voting for Ruth McClung.  Out of the Independent voters who were willing (they really are a different animal) to give me their opinion she has their support also.  She will need our help to make the final push to get the Independents on board as it will be crucial that she has a large percentage of Independents voting for her due to the make up of this district.  While Grijalva has Union thugs knocking doors down in Tucson all Ruth has is us-we the people.  Thank you to everyone who has already supported her, I’ve sent what I can so far and will chip in on the Money Bomb today.  Please go here  http://www.mcclungmiracle.com/ and give what you can.