Honeeey! There's a Republican in the house!

said one of my neighbors as she escorted me in to talk to her husband.   She a registered Republican and he a registered Independent.  She asked me to come in to go out to the back and talk to her husband who was manning the grill.  He gladly accepted my flyers on 2 of my local candidates.  He also let me know for the first time he is really paying attention to politics and what’s going on in our country.  We had a nice talk for a few minutes.  He also shared that he would be voting Republican this election.  I was glad to hear that because we are going to need every Independent vote we can get to defeat the radical Socialist Raul Grijalva in AZ CD07.  In short he is Co Chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus (aka the American Socialist Party), called for a boycott of his own state over SB1070, thinks the Feds suing his own state is good thing, believes we stole AZ from Mexico and should give it back (I guess he wants to be a Mexican Congressman).  Need I say more?

Who do we have to unseat this radical you ask?  Well, it’s a conservative life long Republican Ruth McClung.  She’s a newbie to politics and she’s young-both a plus in my book.  Some here would and have advised me to put my resources somewhere else.  Maybe I should give money to another candidate where it wouldn’t be wasted or you know maybe I could even get the phone for another candidate in a district where we actually have a chance.  I didn’t listen to this advice and I’m certainly glad I didn’t.  I have and will continue to beat the street for Ruth McClung.  Polling has been sparse on this race but Magellan has now polled it and RUTH MCCLUNG IS WITHIN STRIKING DISTANCE!  Grijalva 40% McClung 38% with a MOE of 3.74%.  Results of the poll   http://www.politico.com/static/PPM136_101010_grijalva_poll.html

A few stats from this poll I thought worth mentioning.

  • 50% of voters think we need a new person in this seat.
  • 47% few Grijalva as unfavorable, 39% favorable, 7% no opinion.
  • 56% believe country is on wrong track.

One thing that concerns me is this poll is made up of 62% Whites and only 35% Hispanic/Latino in a district where about 53% of the population is Hispanic/Latino.  What’s positive though is 51% indentified as Dem, 29% identified as Republican and 20% Indentified as Independent and these numbers pretty much equal the registered voter makeup of this district.  If we can win here we can win anywhere!

For the first time since taking this seat Grijalva will be running TV ads and more than ever Ruth McClung needs our help to get her message out.

Please help defeat a radical Socialist intent on destroying the country we love and hold so dear.   Visit her site http://www.ruth4az.com/