We just can't win. It's impossible. Really?

At least that’s what I’ve been told as a resident of District AZ07.  People tell me “Look buddy this district is Dem +6 and the radical Socialist Raul Grijalva will have this seat until he dies if he wants it.”  Sorry I’m just not buying it and I continue to beat the streets for Ruth McClung.  You can no longer convince me that we can’t beat an open borders, boycott you’re own state, we stole AZ from Mexico seditionist radical.  Grijalva won with 63% of the vote in 2008 and 61% of the vote in 2006.  I know it’s long odds and some of you may question my sanity but I’m not not buying what you’re selling if it’s “We can’t win”.  Erick posted on the front page about races that aren’t on the radar so here is mine.

For the first time I was actually able to dig up one poll on this race.  I’m not familiar with American Political Consultants, but that is who conducted this poll.  Raul Grijalva D 42%  Ruth McClung R 35% and a whopping 23% undecided. Margin of error 4.3%.  Current registered voter makeup 44% D, 23% R and 32% Ind. 

I’ve been knocking Repubs doors in my precinct and every single person I’ve talked is motivated and ready to vote. This week I’m including Independents in my precinct walk. I can’t find a direct link to the poll itself.  Here is a link to the Tucson Weekly on this poll: 




Michelle Malkin weighs in on Ruth McClung:



Ruth has been a life long conservative and I believe she will represent AZ07 well.

Contribute to Ruth here.  http://www.ruth4az.com/