So much to be thankful for.

One of the things I admire most about Red State and Eric specifically is the unabashed satements on the Christian faith.  I have a strong conviction of the tenets of our faith and know that they have played a crucial role in the founding of this great nation and the blessings of God that have kept our country free and the leader of the free world.  Without delving into politics, for now, I just wanted to remind others (as if you needed reminding) and myself of what incredible lives we are and should be living as a result of God’s redeeming love and offer of salvation.

At the age of 45, with four school age children and an incredible wife of 20 years, I never imagined hearing the word “cancer”, and certainly not the prognosis of 2-3 years left for my earthly journey.  But this path that God has allowed me and my family to travel has been one of unimaginable joy and has lead to a deeper understanding of God’s mercy and eternal desire for fellowship with Him.  When faced with the notion that there is nothing I can do to save myself, either from death or damnation, I have been convicted once again that I have never had that power, nor does anyone else.  I have lived my life on a pendulum, swinging from one extreme to another when it comes to walking with the Lord or leaving Him aside to forge my own pathway.  I am extremely grateful for His loving reminder at this Easter that He has prepared a way for my eternal life and this wonderful yet frustrating world in not my home.

As much as I enjoy politics and a lively discussion of world events, I know that these things are not the most important issues I need to spend my time with.  I do hope that anyone who reads this post will be reminded of what should be the most pressing concerns in our lives: relationships.  Our walk with the Lord, our deep abounding love for our family and our desire to see happiness and peace in our friendships.  May you all enjoy a glorious Easter!