The Inheritance

I am real tired of the Narcisist in Chief. Everything is about him … EVERYTHING. Well, everything, except those things that require acceptance of responsibility and showing true leadership. Leadership … not egotistical expectations of compliance.

Where one would typically expect to find Presidential responsibility, we find something else with this President. I’m not sure what it is called. Narcissism? Megalomania? Sociopathy? Maybe we need a new term. I’m open to suggestion, but I’m thinking of coining the term “Self- Obamulation”.

In any case, we suffer with finger pointing at the Bush administration and the constant whine of “I inherited [insert the topic for which responsibility avoidance is sought]”. The topics have ranged from “a bad economy” to “tarnished international standing”. The President had inherited it … meaning he has no responsibility for it. It isn’t his problem. He doesn’t fix it … because that would be taking responsibility for it. He punts to Nancy and Harry and lets them come up with some sort of Rube Goldberg legislation with all sorts of ugly knobs (see Ben Nelson), spinning dials (see Mary Landreiu) and sloppy but necessary add-ons (see Union insurance). The product is many times the size it needed to be (see Omnibus spending), doesn’t do what it was supposed to do (see Stimulus) and is best described as a smoke screen (see Anti-Wall Street Populism) to hide the utter lack of responsible action to address the “inheritance” (waiting to see Tax Cuts and Spending Cuts).

I’m tired of it. Self-Obamulation is the law of the land. And a new “inheritance” is being amassed in the form of debt and deficit, “transparency” and audacity, czars and clunkers and genuflection.

My hope is that the next President, when he or she takes office on January 20, 2013, takes a moment, however fleeting, to blame self-Obamulation … and then man up, take responsibility and finally get the country moving again after 4 lost years of blamestorming.