VA-11: Pat Herrity announces run against Connolly

Today Fairfax County Supervisor Pat Herrity announced that he is in the race against freshman Dem Gerry Connolly.  See Pat’s web site here.  We now have two good candidates on the GOP side, with Keith Fimian announcing earlier.  See Keith’s web site here.  Both of these guys are solid.  I hope they keep the primary focused on DEFEATING CONNOLLY. 

Just about a year ago Pat came within 1.2% (1,206 votes) of winning the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors Chairman spot in a special election.  At the time of the special election, the Chairman seat had been help by the Dems for 13 years and was recently abandoned by Connolly.

Keith ran for the VA-11 seat in 2008, but came up short as Connolly took advantag of the Hopey-Changey bandwagon.   

VA-11 is split between Purplish Fairfax and Red Prince William.   Connolly is vulnerable.   Either GOP candidate can beat Connolly.  We took back Richmond in 2009, let’s take back VA-11 in 2010.

I’m in VA-8 and stuck with JImmy “Blame Israel” Moran (D-PMA).  I’ll do what I can for the GOP candidate here, but the district includes all of Alexandria, Arlington, Falls Church and is the deepest of hypoxic blue.  For this cycle I’m adopting VA-11.