UPDATE3: VA Polling Trends and Possible GOP House Gains News Summary

This has updated a bit since I posted the other day.

Not trying to be too optimistic, but this could be very bad for the Democrats…especially if the strong shift to McDonnell translates down to the House of Delegates races. Currently the House is 53 GOP, 43 Dem, 2 Ind, 2 vacant. The left leaning blog Not Larry Sabato is forecasting what appears to be a 6 seat pickup for the GOP in the House of Delegates (counting all leaners as falling as the blog thinks but not counting toss-ups).

Keep up the pressure, phone calls, door knocking, work the polls, volunteer any way you can.

UPDATE: Just spotted this a Virginia Virtucon

It seems that Creigh “What’s In Your Wallet?” Deeds’ collapse is now spreading to and infecting Democrat House candidates’ campaigns. What could have been a Category 3 political hurricane may be turning into a Category 5…

UPDATE from the Washington Post:

Sensing big gains, Republicans make late donations
From the Virginia Public Access Project comes some fascinating new numbers that show Republicans are making a late play for some seats in the House of Delegates where they were once thought to have little chance for pick-ups.

The late donations, from Republican Party of Virginia, Dominion Leadership Trust and
candidate committees for Speaker William Howell and Del. Morgan Griffith, is a sign that Republicans are hoping a tidal wave of a win Tuesday could pull even more delegate candidates into the winner’s column than they had once thought.

It’s a stunning turnaround in a year when Democrats had once talked about regaining control of the House for the first time since 1999.

Per VPAP, here are late donations from Republican to House candidates just since Friday:

-$27,893 to Kerry Bolognese, who is running against David Marsden in southern Fairfax

-$10,367 to Rafael Lopez, who is locked in tight battle against Luke Torian in what used to be Del. Jeff Frederick’s district in Prince William

-$,3500 to James Morefield running against Del. Dan Bowling in southwest.

-$2,000 to Jennifer Lee, who is running against Matthew James for an open seat vacated by Kenneth Melvin in Portsmouth

-$2,000 to Melody Scalley, challenging Lynwood Lewis on the Eastern Shore

-$1,005 to James McConville, running against Scott Surovell for an open seat in the Mount Vernon area, recently vacated by Kris Amundson

Also the folks at Virginia Virtucon are suggesting that there are up to 20 (TWENTY) Democrat held seats that might be in “some degree of play”. What they mean by that I’m not sure, but I think a House of Delegates seat going to the GOP in Arlington or a few seat shifting in Fairfax will be crushing to the Democrats.

I will be heading out the door shortly to start planting signs along the road leading to my precinct polling place. I’ll be there all day tomorrow working to polls. I’ll try to post comments to this posting throughout the day to relay turnout and mood of the voters in eastern Fairfax.