URGENT: 2009 Election Northern Virginia Get Out The Vote Kickoff

It is the start of the get out the vote effort in Virginia. 

It is just over 2 weeks to the election.  It’s well known that McDonnell, Bolling and Cuccinelli are leading the Democrat opponents in every credible poll.  As I’ve noted before the entire House of Delegates is up for election as well.  Notwithstanding the polls, we need to keep up the pressure and get out the vote.

As critical as the elections of McDonnell, Bolling and Cuccinelli are, we need to keep the House of Delegates in the GOP camp and increase the majority as much as possible.  I noted here back in June, that Fairfax might not be a solid lock for the Democrats…call me optimistic  The GOP this election year is running a very good slate of candidates, where in years past the Democrats ran unopposed.  I’ve made the obligatory campaign contribution plea here on Red State for my choice of the 44th Delegate district, Jay McConville.  I thank the RedStaters who answered the call and sent some contributions to Jay.

We are getting close now, and I want to povide a quick update before I ask for your help again.  The other day Jay received backing from GOPAC, which called his candidancy one of the five “most winnable” races in Northern Virginia.  Other candidates geting backing from GOPAC were Barbara Comstock (34th Dist.), Dave Albo (42nd Dist.), and Jim LeMunyon (67th Dist.) in Fairfax County and  Rich Anderson (51st Dist.) just south in Prince William County.

Today, Jay’s campaign issued a rather remarkable press release noting that he has again beaten the Democrat candidate in fundraising.  Jay raised $62,000 in the past month, while his opponent, the immediate past Chairman of the Fairfax County Democratic Committee, raised only $48,000.  Remove the $5,000 GOPAC boost to Jay’s war chest … AND HE STILL BEAT THE DEMOCRAT.  Early on, Jay also beat out the sitting Democrat incumbent in the first fund raising reporting period of the campaign cycle … to which her response was retirement. 

Remember, this is “reliably” Blue Fairfax County.  Obama took 60% to McCain’s 39% in 2008.  Blue Fairfax where Democrats get close to 60% in every election.  Err … Blue Fairfax?  Really?  Maybe Purple.

Purple Fairfax, where Brian Moran’s Delegate seat went to the Democrat by only 16 votes and the Fairfax County Chairman’s seat was held by the Dems with a 1.2% margin in special elections.  Purple Fairfax where a 26 year Democrat seat on the Board of Suprervisors went to the GOP in a third special election.   Well … maybe medium Tyrian purple.

Need more?  Today it was also reported that Keith Fimian outraised freshman Democrat Congressman Gerry Connolly by over $100,000 in the 3rd quarter.

We have the candidates.  We have demonstrated strong donor support.  We have momentum.  We can do this, but we need all the help we can get from you folks out there. 

This weekend starts the GOP get out the vote drive in Virginia.  If you live in Virginia go to your local GOP or candidate’s campaign office.  Put out signs, knock on doors, make phone calls, hand out literature, hell bring a plate of sandwiches to the campaign workers.  If you live near Virginia consider spending a Saturday in the Commonwealth to lend a hand to a GOP Delegate candidate.  If you live further away, but have colleagues, family or friends in Virginia, start calling and emailing to get them involved.  Of course, I’m sure any of the candidates will gladly take a donation.

I’m partial to helping Jay McConville in the 44th, Vicki Vasques in the 45th and Sasha Gong in the 46th District.  Please see the Fairfax GOP web site for links to all the Fairfax GOP candidates or the RPV website for links to GOP candidates throught the Commonwealth.  Pick one (or more) and volunteer, donate and/or otherwise lend a hand.