The New Glamour Boys of the Cult of Personality

Tonight one of the kids has a friend over for the night.  They are hogging the TV with video games, so in order to do something productive, I connected to the office network and started doing some work.  When I work at home, I put on my over-priced, capitalist-inspired, noise cancelling headphones and blow out my eardrums, as I am wont to do.  Well, I’m working and a song from the 80s comes on that I hadn’t heard in a little while … Glamour Boys by Living Colour.

I liked Living Colour.  It was a good hard pop-rock sound.  Anyhow, the song Glamour Boys came on so I sat back to give it a listen again.   In the 80s, I liked the song because it was a jab at all those people who today would be a reality show contestant trying to be Paris Hilton’s new best friend.   Nine months into the Obama administration, I find Glamour Boys surprisingly relevant to the current state of mind in DC. 

We have a superficial batch of narcissistic Neo-Progs running around doing all they can to be the center of attention without any plan other then “we need to change something to justify our existence”.  Initially it was the applicability to the shallowness of the Copenhagen Ego-Fest and the simpering award of the Nobel T-Ball Participation Trophy that came to me.  But the financial aspects of living it up without regard for financial resources likewise was quite … appropriate.  And the self adulation, the cluelessness, the carelessness.

After listening a couple of times to the tune, I hunted down another Living Colour song that I liked even more in years past … Cult of Personality.  Hmmm … twas even more apropos, considering the direct reference to the Nobel prize.

On the one hand, we have the Glamour Boys running things on Capital Hill.  It’s all about the show.  Money being irresponsibly slathered around like fresh cream government cheese on the Sunday morning bagel.  Damn they WANT to be popular so much that they actually BELIEVE they are popular.  They can’t comprehend that most of the people despise what they are trying to do and were aghast when we showed up at town halls to dispel their delusional fog.  They retreat to the “friends”, who are just the bullies in the corner (SEIU, ACORN, UAW, NEA, etc) who are just using them to get at that government cheese, for a new fix of undeserved confidence.  The post-adolescent need to be accepted, even if you have to force people to “like” you. These are the New Glamour Boys.

On the other hand, we have a near mindless deification of an untested, inexperienced, UNPROVEN president.  We have no loaves and fishes … but we do have 9.8% unemployment.  We have not seen walking on water … though we have been promised that the waters shall recede after Cap and Trade.  We have no blind men now seeing … though we have a promise of full health care for all with no need to worry about paying for it.  However, we have had an overturning of the money lenders tables.  People are actually praying to Obama.  People fully expect all their needs to be provided by this guy.  He gets a prestigious international award … just because.  This truly is a Cult of Personality in it’s most base form.

So that’s what listening to a song this evening has led me to … the New Glamour Boys of the Cult of Personality.   Not a very pleasant thought.  Who said 80s songs were without meaning and not thought provoking? 

For those of you not familiar with the songs, I provide the lyrics below and you can see the music videos here and here.  Now I’m not one for Nostradamus or psychics, but damned if these guys didn’t accurately describe the Obama administration 20 years ago.  After tonight, I need to look these guys up and see what else they might have done since the 80s. 

Glamour Boys

The glamour boys swear they are a diva
The glamour boys have it all under control
Always dancing always laughing
The glamous boys are playing the role
The glamour boys never have no money
The glamour boys wear the most expensive clothes
The glamour boys are always at the party
Where the money comes from heaven only knows

I ain’t no glamour boy – i’m fierce!
I ain’t no glamour boy
I ain’t no glamour boy – i’m fierce!
I ain’t no glamour boy
The glamour boys live off their ambition
The glamour boys have it all figured out
A very, very dubious position
When you got no clout
The glamour boys’ whole life is a gamble
They might get over or fall flat on their face
But if one does, there’s no need to worry
Another g-boy will take his place

The glamour boys don’t think about tomorrow
The glamour boys just need tonight to play
But just like things you can’t afford on credit
Time catches up and you have to pay
The glamour boys are always on the guest list
You’ll always find them in the hottest spots in town
They’ll be your friend if you have fame or fortune
If you don’t they won’t be hanging ’round

“whaddya mean my credit’s no good??”


Cult of Personality

Look into my eyes, what do you see?
Cult of Personality
I know your anger, I know your dreams
I’ve been everything you want to be
I’m the Cult of Personality
Like Mussolini and Kennedy
I’m the Cult of Personality
Cult of Personality
Cult of Personality

Neon lights, A Nobel Price
The mirror speaks, the reflection lies
You don’t have to follow me
Only you can set me free
I sell the things you need to be
I’m the smiling face on your T.V.
I’m the Cult of Personality
I exploit you still you love me

I tell you one and one makes three
I’m the Cult of Personality
Like Joseph Stalin and Gandi
I’m the Cult of Personality
Cult of Personality
Cult of Personality

Neon lights a Nobel Prize
A leader speaks, that leader dies
You don’t have to follow me
Only you can set you free

You gave me fortune
You gave me fame
You me power in your God’s name
I’m every person you need to be
I’m the Cult of Personality