VIRGINIA 2009: Meet Jay McConville Candidate for VA-44 House of Delegates

I’ve posted before here about the apparent trend towards GOP candidates in Fairfax County, Virginia since the November 2008 election.  In quick recap, the GOP almost took the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors chairmanship in February and did take the Braddock District Supervisor seat in March.

Then here, I posted an urgent request for fellow Red Staters to make a donation to the Jay McConville campaign before a key finance reporting deadline.  To remind folks, Jay is running for the 44th House of Delegates seat which covers the Mt. Vernon area of Fairfax County.

The 44th District race is now one of the most watched Delegate races in the Commonwealth because JAY CAN WIN THIS SEAT and take it away from the Democrats. Jay’s opponent is the hastily recruited (remember, the incumbent ran away) chairman of Fairfax Democrats and is a trial lawyer. As you can imaging, the Democrat is receiving a load of contributions from trial lawyers, including $5000 from the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association. With Timmay Kaine now running the DNC full-time and the unions wanting to destroy Virginia’s Right-to-Work status, you can be assured that the Democrat will be receiving considerable union and DNC funding.

I ran into Jay last night at back to school night and he is quite energized, optimistic and will make a far more effective representative in Richmond than the incumbent ever was.  That Democrat incumbent QUIT THE RACE when she saw the support Jay was receiving.  Think about it…a multi-term Democratic incumbent was chased out of the race … that should tell you something about Jay.   You can see Jay’s full bio here, but here are a few highlights:

  • Husband of 24 years and father of three;
  • Successful businessman who’s run a $300 million/year business unit with 1,500 employees;
  • Highly active in youth sports, church youth programs and Sunday school teaching;
  • Marathon runner and Triathelete;
  • 12 year veteran of the U.S. Army (Ranger, Airborne and Air Assault qualified; Bronze Star) having served in Desert Shield and Desert Storm

Considerably more impressive, more experienced, more tested and more capable than the Democrat opponent.

Here are a couple videos from Jay’s campaign that should give you a sense of who Jay is.

And here is a pre-campaign video from a local news media outlet featuring Jay.

After watching the videos and checking out Jay’s website, please help Jay get to Richmond by making a contibution to his campaign.

P.S. Today is Jay’s birthday if that helps nudge you to joining his contributors.