URGENT: Virginia 44th House of Delegate race

Promoted from the diaries by Erick.

As I mentioned here, the Virginia 44th House of Delegate seat is now AN OPEN SEAT.  The sitting multi-term Democrat incumbent has quit the race.  I strongly think that the fund raising numbers from last reporting period made the decision for her. 

This is now one of the, if not the most watched Delegate race in Virginia. WE CAN TAKE THIS ONE FROM THE DEMOCRATS.

TODAY (June 30) is another financial reporting deadline for Virginia candidates.  The likely Democrat replacement candidate, the recently resigned Fairfax County Democrat Committe chair, has vowed to raise $50,000 by tonight.  He has a good chance to do it, with all the union money floating around Virginia trying to remove our Right to Work laws.  Looking at the finance reports for the incumbent you will see that the vast majority of her support has come from the unions…this money will now flow to the new presumptive Democrat candidate.

If at all possible, please visit Jay McConville’s website and make a contribution by midnight tonight.

Go here to contribute: www.gojay.org

As Eric Cantor said at the last Fairfax County Republican Committee meeting, Fairfax County is the front line.  Let’s start the real chang now.