2009 Virginia Elections: Fairfax County Report Pt. 1, Not as Blue as you Think

This year we have an election in Virginia.  Obviously, the national focus is on the three state-wide races.  However, I’d like to remind everyone that the Virginia House of Delegates is up for election as well.  The Democrats are only a handful of seats away from taking over the House.  We can not let that happen.

At the June Fairfax County Republican Committee meeting, House GOP Whip Eric Cantor (VA-7) came by and spoke for a few minutes.  Cantor noted that Fairfax County is now the front line in stopping the Democrats and their agenda nationally.  I think he’s right.  And I think that we are in a good position here in Fairfax County to advance the cause of limited government, fiscal responsibility and all those other ideals that the majority of Americans believe this year … the first battleground of the 2010 national elections.  We’ve already had a small but decisive victory in the past few days in the 44th House District (subject of my next diary entry featuring GOP candidate Jay McConville.  Go here to get a sneak peek at Jay and to help him out with a donation).

I don’t have connections throughout the Commonwealth, but I do have a few here in Fairfax County.  In the coming weeks I hope to introduce my fellow RedStaters to at least some of the 17 Fairfax County GOP House of Delegates candidiates and ask that you lend them whatever support you can. 

A bit of recent history
Fairfax County is home to 17 full or partial House of Delegates districts.  A map of the county broken into House district is here.  Two years ago, 14 of 17 districts went to the Democrat … including 10 gimmes because no Republican ran.  Contested races broke 4 to 2 in favor of the Democrats.  We had one GOP candidiate run unopposed.  Full 2007 Fairfax County election results are here.

In short, the Democrats won most of their seats in 2007 because they had no competition.

We all know that nationally the GOP did not fare well in 2006 and 2008.  One would have assumed that the Democrats would have an easy go of it in early 2009 in a series of special elections.  After all, Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine was newly minted Chair of the DNC and Pres. Barack Obama was riding high on a wave of popularity.  But the Democrats did not have an easy time.  Sure they won 2 of 3 special elections…barely.

  • In Jan. 2009, just 1 week before Barack Obama was sworn in, a special election was held in the 46th House district to replace Brian Moran after he stepped down to formally run for Governor.  Republican Joe Murray missed winning this election by 16 votes. See here and here.
  • In Feb. 2009, a special election was held to elect a new Board of Supervisors Chairman … a position held by Democrats for the prior 13 years.  Here, Republican Pat Herrity barely missed winning by 1,206 votes or 1.2%.  See here (“THE BULOVA-HERRITY race is the closest high-profile county-wide contest between a Democrat and Republican in several years. “) and here.
  • In Mar. 2009, a special election was held to elect a new Braddock District Supervisor.  Here Republican John Cook won the Braddock Supervisor seat by 89 votes or about .6%.  However, this seat was held by a Democrat for over 21 years…and that Democrat beat Pat Herrity by only 1.2% a month earlierI see it significant that a Republican took that seat. See here and here (“…this is the third consecutive special election in which the Republican candidate exceeded expectations.”)

Then in early May, just up the road in Alexandria, the heavens opened and the ground shook.  A Republican and a GOP-leaning Independent were elected to city counsel…the first time in six years that anyone not a Democrat was elected.  See here and here.

Where we stand today…

The GOP has 15 very good candidates for the 17 districts and partial districts in the County.  Here’s the list.  just click their name to get to their web site.

34th District – Barbara Comstock (fmr Hill staffer investigating waste, fraud & abuse; entrepreneur)
35th District – Jim Hyland (fmr Hill staffer for John Warner (VA-R) & Kay Baily Hutchinson (TX-R))
36th District – Mark Whited 
38th District – Danny Smith (financial services; served in Reagan & Bush administrations)
39th District – Joe Bury (defense contractor; community advocate)
40th District – Delegate Tim Hugo (incumbent; veteran; House GOP leadership role)
41st District – Kerry Bolognese (higher education association excutive)
42nd District – Delegate Dave Albo (incumbent; attorney)
43rd District – Tim Nank (veteran; defense analyst)
45th District – Vicki Vasques (served in Reagan and Bush administrations in DOE and Education)
46th District- Sasha Gong  (this lady spent a year in a Chinese prison for her writings in the 70s)
53rd District – Chris Merola (veteran; experienced campaigner)
67th District – Jim LeMunyon (entrepreneur; former Dep. Asst. Sec. for Commerce)
83rd District – Delegate Tom Rust (incumbent; engineer)

I’ve set off one candidate in particular, he being Jay McConville in the 44th District.  I pay special attention to Jay because events of the past few days put him in a very good position to take this seat from the Democrats.  I will post a diary on Jay in the next day or two … but let it suffice to say that the 6-term Democrat incumbent, who was also a member of the Democrat House leadership, QUIT THE RACE!!!  I do not have all of the details, but I think Jay chased the incumbent off of the field when she saw the fund-raising figures.  I also think that this caught the Democrats by surprise.

The Democrat Response to the 2009 GOP slate of Fairfax candidates…

Well as one would expect from 21st century Democrats, we get ad hominem attacks, to wit:

The Fairfax County Republican Committee recently issued a press release trumpeting their latest crop of candidates. From the Democratic Party’s point of view, this group of candidates coupled with the three statewide nominees is the biggest gang of anti-government, obstructionist, ideological demagogues that the Republican Party has ever inflicted on Fairfax County.

Scott A. Surovell,
Chair, Fairfax County Democratic Committee
Press release issued 06/11/09

For those of you in 44th House District, the Democrat candidate who wants your vote is the author of the above slur.

For too long Fairfax County has been seen as becoming Blue.  I’m tending to think that the Blue was caused by hypoxia and hypothermia.   The color is coming back to Fairfax County … a nice healthy, glowing Red.

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