Virginia Governor Democratic Primary Race -- Write-in McDonnell?

I was thinking of going to cast a vote in the Virginia Democrat gubernatorial primary next week.  For the longest time I was thinking of just voting for the one least likely to give McDonnell trouble.  So my choice was between:

McAuliffe – very annoying, very liberal, very elitist and very much supported by lefties outside of the Commonwealth.  I have noticed that his signs have been pulled up in one area, while Moran’s signs remain;

Moran – brother of an embarrassing, lobbyist-entwined, machine politician, and I suspect baby brother is EXACTLY like my embarassing congressman.  I seem to recall that the delegate seat he resigned from to run for governor was held by the Democrats in a special election by ONLY 16 VOTES; and

Deeds –  completely unknown to me, though I understand he has been running left over the last couple years.

Among the three, I was thinking of casting a vote for Deeds.  I figure McDonnell beat him last time they faced each other (2005 attorney general race).  McDonnell has a head start.  And Deeds might come out on top (but battered) as his elitist (McAuliffe) and machine politician (Moran) competitors duke it out.

Well, I just heard that the Washington Post has endorsed Deeds…and I just can cast a vote for anyone the Post supports.  Re-thinking my primary day civic duty, I started to wonder … what would happen if I wrote in Bob McDonnell on primary day?.  Then wondering further into the realm of fancy (as I was stuck in traffic on he Beltway) … what if a bunch of people wrote in Bob McDonnell?

How many Democrats typically turn out for the primary? 

Just wondering.

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