UPDATED - Fairfax County Tax Protest Receives TV Coverage

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UPDATED 3/31  –  The TV stations that covered the Fairfax County, Virginia tax protest at the3 Government Center aired some of the interviews the made at the rally and have a write up on their web pages. I can’t get the embedded video to work but here ar links to the stations web pages with the video.





I arrived at the Fairfax County Government Center at exactly 6pm, the start time of the tax protest …  [bleeping bleepy bleep] traffic.  When I arrived I was quite pleased to see two television crews.

I couldn’t stay for the whole rally, but while I was there people continued to trickle in.  By the time I left I counted about 50 people.  Now considering that this was a MONDAY, shortly after the work day and at the height of the evening rush, I think 50 people was a pretty good showing.  And being able to draw two TV crews … outstanding. 

Channel 7 WJLA news crew

NewsChannel 8 news crew

The local DC ABC affiliate, WJLA channel 7, was already set up when I got there.  At about the time I arrived is when a crew from NewsChannel 8, the local cable all news channel, arrived.  The NewsChannel 8 reporter was quite interested in interviewing people and I saw him pull aside at least 4 people.  The Channel 7 crew were more aloof.  Don’t ask me who the reporters were … I stopped watching local news about 12 years ago.

There were also a couple current and former GOP candidates there, but with my bad hearing, I could not make out the names.  If anyone who attended the rally could add the names in a comment to this diary, I’d appreciate it.  Pat Herrity also came out from the hearings and urged those of us present to come and testify at the budget hearings on Thursday. 

Supervisor Pat Herrity addressing the crowd

The event was organized by Republicans United for Tax Relief, A Project of NoVa GOP PAC (www.republicanaction.com).  I thank them for the opportunity to tear up my larynx.

If at all possible, any Fairfax resident opposed to the tax rate hike the Democrats are pushing, should try to testify.  My schedule, although it freed up today, thus allowing me to attend the rally (with 3 of my kids in tow), will not be open up on Thursday.  If you can not testify in person, please call or email your district Supervisor. 

Remember our Fairfax County assessed property values FELL, but the new tax structure will cause our tax bill to RISE.  That is ridiculous.

Here is the contact phone/fax/web/email info for the Fairfax County Supervisors.  I called and left a message for Gerry Hyland on my way home.

Sharon Bulova, Elected At-Large
Phone: 703-324-2321, TTY 703-324-2319
Fax: 703-324-3955

E-mail: [email protected] 




John C. Cook, Braddock District
Phone: 703-425-9300, TTY 703-978-7973
Fax: 703-503-9583

John W. Foust, Dranesville District
Phone: 703-356-0551, TTY 711
Fax: 703-821-4275
Phone: 703-471-5076, TTY 711
Fax: 703-437-3210

Catherine Hudgins, Hunter Mill District
Phone: 703-478-0283, TTY 703-736-4460
Fax: 703-471-6847

Jeffrey C. McKay, Lee District
Phone: 703-971-6262, TTY 711
Fax: 703-971-3032

Penelope A. Gross, Mason District
Phone: 703-256-7717, TTY 711
Fax: 703-354-8419

Gerald W. Hyland, Mount Vernon District
Phone: 703-780-7518, TTY 711
Fax: 703-780-1491

Linda Q. Smyth, Providence District
Phone: 703-560-6946, TTY 711
Fax: 703-207-3541

Pat Herrity, Springfield District
Phone: 703-451-8873, TTY 711
Fax: 703-451-3047
Phone: 703-324-2500, TTY 711
Fax: 703-324-3149

Michael R. Frey, Sully District
Phone: 703-814-7100, TTY 711
Fax: 703-814-7110




E-mail: [email protected] 












My schedule shifted last night so I will be able to swing by the scheduled Fairfax County property tax protest this evening.  I will update this diary and post photos tonight … if i can get the camera connected to the computer.

The Fairfax County Government is a prime example of Democrat over-spending and utter incapacity to reign itself in.  My property values has FALLEN SIGNIFICANTLY this past year, but quite against logic, my property tax is scheduled to INCREASE. 

Hey Fairfax, Stop spending.  Slash all those so-called “services”.  Live within your means, just like all the taxpayers in the county.