Yesterday and Tomorrow in Fairfax County

It was a good day.  [Some of the below was in a comment I posted to another Redstater’s diary.]

Bob McDonnell and Bill Bolling formally kicked off their campaign for Virginia’ governor and lt. governor in Annandale.  Nice turnout, which the Fairfax GOP numbered at 700.  The crowd was quite receptive to the McDonnell/Bolling ticket’s positions on preserving life, protecting Virginia’s right to work status and developing Virginia’s offshore resources.

In addition to the McDonnell/Bolling rally, we had Mark Levin’s book signing in Tyson’s Corner.  There was video here posted by another Redstater, I just can’t find it to link to.  There were hundreds there.  Sure some of the folks in Tyson’s were from surrounding counties, and possibly from Maryland (a/k/a the People’s Republic) and DC (a/k/a the Un-State), but that’s OK.

Tomorrow (March 30), there is a planned anti-tax rally to be held at the Fairfax County Government Center.  The anti-tax rally is aimed at property taxes, so I’m not sure it this can properly be called a Tea Party, but I think it’s close enough.  Go to www.northernvirginiagop.com for more info.  I hope they have a large turnout.

If anyone out there can be at the Fairfax County Government Center between 6pm-7pm, please try to make it. I just learned about this rally yesterday and my time is already claimed.  Hopefully we’ll have many more (and better publicized) rallies in Fairfax and Northern Virginia generally.