UPDATE-2: My Journey to Conservative Activism

I am a Conservative.  I always have been.  I believe in self reliance, self determination, individual responsibility and personal liberty.  If I fail at something, I innovate and try harder.  If I succeed at something, I capitalize on it so as to obtain the maximum benefit.  I suspect that most Redstaters are like-minded.

I am a Conservative.  I always have been.  I believe in self restraint, unobtrusive behavior, humble disposition and quiet reserve.  I do not much like to draw much attention to myself.  Again, I suspect that quite a few Redstaters are in this category.

In the past, I did my duty by going to the polls each November to vote for whomever I thought best reflected my views.  Usually that vote was for the Republican, but at times Libertarians and write-ins were my preference.  My candidate would win at times and lose at times.  When my candidate lost, I knew that my elected representatives would likely vote contrary to my views.  However, things generally stayed the same and I passively waited until the next election to try again … and life went on.

Back then, the American Dream meant becoming a millionaire.  To receive the full benefit of your labor and production.  To do or acquire what you want, when you want, for whomever you want.  To have more than enough to take care of you and yours.  To be successful.  To be secure.

Now, things are not staying roughly the same.  Today, things have a far different feel.  Things are changing fanatically, violently and chillingly.  Life will still go on, but I fear it will be a very different and very limited life.

Today, the American Dream (at least in today’s rhetoric) is earning $249,999.  Earn $1 more, and you are reviled by the press and politicians.  You face repressive taxes.  You may even lose the right to share your financial success with the charity of your choice.  Become financially successful and you are suspect.  You are typecast as greedy.  Your home is visited by hostile protestors.   You become a target.  Success, innovation, incentive and profit are under attack.  Soon, what you earn is not necessarily yours.  “Just enough, but no more” seems to be the new lowest common denominator mentality being promoted by those in power … though they call it “fairness”.   

Things are changing.  The target on the free press is slowly being zeroed in…interestingly, also called “fairness”.   The law of contract is in jeopardy with cram downs and weaponization of the tax code.  International treaties and agreements are on the verge of being abrogated.  Even the by-product of my autonomic respiration is now deemed to be a harmful “greenhouse gas”.   Is it really a stretch to envision a population control program in the form of a respiratory CO2 cap-and-trade plan?  Yes, things are changing, and it is anathema.

I am seething.  I am afraid.  I am NOT passive any longer.  I am changing.

I was a quiet reserved Conservative.  No more.  In the words of the President, I am getting in their face.  And the more they try to ignore me, the more I will challenge them, confront them, defy them.

Never before had bumper stickers adorned my car.  They do now, with McDonnell, Bolling and Cuccinelli emblazoned across my bumper.

Never before had I appeared at the polls as anything more than a voter.   I do now, having spent 15 hours working the polls at the cold drizzly precinct in November.

Never before did Congress hear my voice. They do now … daily and much to their annoyance I am sure.

Never before did I publicly express myself.  I do now, thanks to RedState.com.  I’ve even tried my amateurish hand at sporadically blogging here.

Never before have I attended a political rally.  I will be in Lafayette Park in DC on April 15 brandishing a fine assortment of Darjeeling and Earl Grey.  If at all possible, I will be armed with Orange Pekoe and Oolong on April 25 in Annandale, Virginia.

Never before has a candidate received anything more than a vote from me.  Starting this Spring, I will be contributing money, time and, if possible, my back yard for fund raisers. 

Rarely have yard signs appeared in my yard.  They do now.  In particular, a nice home-made, hand-painted sandwich board that measures 4ft x 4ft and weighs in excess of 65 pounds (to deter those denizens of Fairfax County that specialize in the theft of GOP/Conservative signs).  When I put this BAITF … that would be “Big A** In Their Face” … sign out with “Vets for McCain” in Novmber, I received numerous honks, waves and salutes.  I also heard lamentations from the Democrat poll workers at the precinct, because my sign was VERY visible on a VERY busy road across the street from the VERY busy grocery store … oh … and it wasn’t stolen. 

[The BAITF sign will go back out after school ends.  BAITF is currently awaiting a new catchy message for the Virginia elections, so I am actively soliciting suggestions.]

Yes,  things are changing.  I am a Conservative and I am fighting back.


UPDATED: 3/27/2009 a.m.

Before I said … “Never before has a candidate received anything more than a vote from me.  Starting this Spring, I will be contributing money, time and, if possible, my back yard for fund raisers. ”

Jim Tedisco up in NY-20, just received a campaign contribution from me.  Sure it was small, but every bit helps.   It is time to stop the bleeding.


UPDATED: 3/27/2009 p.m.


Before I said … “Never before have I attended a political rally.”

Tomorrow (3/28/09) I will be at the Bob McDonnel kickoff rally in Annandale.  Hope to pick up some yard signs and meet some other Redstaters.