Dear Congress re: Executive Bonuses

In no way should the U.S. government regulate, oversee, limit or otherwise intrude in the field of executive pay, bonuses or oher compensation.  I do not care that the Democrat-controlled Congress has intruded into private business and now feels entitled to run those businesses.  The Congress was not designed by the Framers to be this intrusive.  You have over-reached and this Republic is in peril because of it.

The Democrat-controlled Congress, through it’s UTTER FAILURE to read the stimulus package quite effectively voted to ALLOW the AIG bonuses.  Pres. Obama then signed the legislation making it the law of the land, whether you like it or not.

I am NOT outraged by the bonuses.

I am outraged at the Democrat-controlled Congress pushing so hard to destroy the law of contract. 

I am outraged at the Democrat-controlled Congress voting for the bailouts all thoughout 4Q08.

I am outraged at the Democrat-controlled Congress refusing to conduct investigations into the POLICYMAKERS (e.g. your Congressional colleagues) who fed, fostered, promoted and directly benefitted by the sub-prime mortgage problem.

I am outraged that the Democrat-controlled Congress continues to divert, obfuscate and circumlocute about the true cause of this financial crisis (HINT:  it was the sub-primes not executive bonuses).

I am outraged at the clear pattern of shielding the guilty that the Democrat-controlled Congress has engaged in for months. (HINT: Dodd, Frank, Raines, Johnson, Gorelick, etc.)

I am outraged that the Democrat-controlled Congress confirmed an inept tax cheat as Treasury Secretary.

YOU, in your fancy offices and with your lobbyist friends have caused this mess. The stimulus package, the omnibus spending package and the proposed Obama budget WILL ONLY PROLONG THIS CRISIS.

How pathetically egotistical of the Democrat administration and Democrat-controlled Congress to assume that you are even qualified to dictate compensation practices to private business.

The Democrat-controlled Congress has done more to undermine the founding principles of this Republic in the past 3 months than you can imagine.

Do NOT support any legislation limiting or regulating executive pay or other compensation in any way.

Do NOT support any more bailouts of any kind to financials, newspaper, auto manufacturers, defaulting mortgage borrowers or any group of individuals.

Do NOT support the further cancerous growth of government.