A Request for Sens. Specter, Collins and Snowe

Please do not support the stimulus plan currently before the Senate.  Throwing money around will not solve anything.  It did not work for Hoover and Roosevelt in the 1930s.  It did not work for Japan in the 1990s.  It will not work now.

If we must have a stimulus package, a far better stimulus package that would aid struggling families and get spending moving would be to simply give a $1000 tax rebate to every man, woman and child in the U.S.  No excluding people for being too “rich”; no excluding people for being too “poor” to pay taxes.  Just give everyone $1,000. With a population of 310,000,000, such a plan would “cost” $310Billion…less than half of the $780Billion now proposed.

Let the people decide how the money should be spent…be it new tires, lasik surgery, groceries or home repairs.  We, the people, are far better decision makers than any bureaucrat, Congressman or Senator.  My household would receive $7,000…enough to buy my daughter her first (used) car AND repair the dishwasher AND pay for a $2500 battery of tests to finally diagnose the mental, behavioral and cognitive disabilities in our adopted son.

I can assure you that these things have far more value than any “stimulus” plan that comes out of DC.  And I am sure that every other family in America has a similar set of “family earmarks” that you and your colleagues can’t understand.

Do not support the current stimulus plan.

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