Obama Cabinet Portrays Weakness In Sequester Hysteria

As we barrel toward sequestration, cabinet members across the board reach out to those bent on our destruction. Each one must take a turn in the broadcast of weakness being created by pending, and ominous, budget cuts set to proceed this week.

Our southern borders will no longer be safe as we cut the number of officers patrolling; our national security is at risk as the military is forced to furlough civilian workers for about 23 days, cease to deploy long-planned movements of carriers, fail to contract for weapons systems, and keep military personnel from normal rotations in and out of war zones. Lest we forget, the transportation system, including air-traffic control and the ever-vigilant TSA will all but disappear from view. Could we possibly create a better public relations campaign inviting our enemies into our midst?

However, even with the disastrous cuts, we do continue to provide weapons systems to governments promising to destroy the U.S. and her allies, work with Mexico to help her citizens obtain food stamps, and dispatch government employees to cities across the land to encourage our citizens to sign up for all forms of dependency possible.

Is there no connection between these cuts and global warming? Or, have we somehow overlooked the devastating effects in store for the planet due to our unwillingness to ask the rich to do just a little bit more?

I would suggest, to those workers looking forward to an extra day off for the next 23 weeks and already making more money than those not working for government, the formation of a government employee golf league. Following the lead of the president, when the going gets rough–golf! They could even form child-care groups among their ranks, eliminating the grueling task of finding other government-funded providers of care. The league could be enhanced by having the president rotate between the groups, demonstrating his leadership on the greens and rubbing shoulders with those whose lives he is helping to destroy. We would need to know whether the beer cart accepts EBT cards, as I am sure all of these workers will soon need them.

I would also suggest the sequester become an annual event, turning March 1 into a national spending holiday. I suspect this would be welcomed by the tax-paying populace, as we might accidentally reach a point in the future that balances our national budget and reduces our debt. This could be essential since we can forget any chance of budgeting from the likes of Harry Reid.

In the meantime, I will support the sequester and any other plan to stop spending money we do not have.

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