Obama Administration Redefines Transparency

While the Obama administration has touted “transparency” before and after two elections, the problem isn’t a lack of transparency but that of word definition. We have all assumed, errantly, that transparency meant having an open and honest process and conversation in which the general public would truly participate and understand. That was and is our greatest mistake.

The new definition of the word is more equal to obscurity, or just lying with a colloquial accent to relate to the common people. When I listen to progressive leaders today I liken them to Churchill or Thatcher using cockney to reach the British masses, which would have been absurd. The progressive assumption is that the American people are so ignorant as to believe anything if spoken in a way to promote some benefit to the poor or middle class, defined in the most ambiguous manner.

The bottom line, however, is that a lie is a lie is a lie.

For some reason the political pundits, along with senators, representatives, governors, and other “public servants” are fearful of calling lies what they are. They all use other terms “out of respect for the office of the president”. What terms of respect do lies deserve? Shouldn’t the president tell the truth “out of respect for his office”?

If you are wondering to what lies I am referring you only need to reflect on the last four years and project the pattern into the next four. The president promised the closure of Guantanamo Bay prison within his first year. I am not in favor of the closure and transfer of terrorists to U.S. soil, but I cannot overlook the lie.

The promise was made to legislate immigration reform, healthcare for all with a reduction in costs and freedom to choose and keep your preferred provider, to work all day, every day, to provide jobs, and, most importantly, to ensure a reasonable time period for all legislation to be reviewed by the American public. The president is still lying to the people about the three terrorist attacks in Benghazi, leading to the death of four patriots, and his efforts to unite the people have only been surpassed by George Wallace. Lies, lies, and more lies.

Additionally, do we dare even ask about the president’s uncle, living illegally in the U.S. since he dropped out of college and now working in a liquor store, managing to avoid several orders for deportation, Chuck Hagel’s hidden speeches and archives, or the govt. loan given to his friend and supporter, Sarah Horowitz, to set up health care exchanges?

I do not believe there has been a time in our history, since the advent of so much public access to information, when Americans have been subjected to more secret deals and secret taxes and regulations, none of which have caused a financial recovery or lessened the number of people suffering. In fact, the greatest lie of all is that the people should trust and depend on this government to care and provide for their needs, as they certainly are not capable of providing for themselves. This is the lie that destroys us.

The most obvious solution to this national problem is TRUTH. If the conservatives want to reestablish a respected position with the voters they must revert to telling us the TRUTH. We cannot sustain this level of government involvement in our lives and survive as a free republic. This is the TRUTH.

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