Three Down

the 2012 Presidential field is rapidly narrowing for true constitutional conservatives.

Gingrich, for one, has eliminated himself from the broadening field when he brightly illuminated his old guard Republican/Rino-osity. Something this country can no longer afford.

As I wrote in a previous blog Gringrich’s propensity for federally mandated health-care, his attack on Ryan’s Medicare proposal, along with his willingness in the past to cuddle up to key parts of the leftist Democratic party, even as far back as his “Contract with America” days, should effectively eliminate him from consideration. It certainly has for me.

Ron Paul has also nuked himself as far as I am concerned. He has come out against Israel support. I guess he has been in that camp a while, but I was unaware of that.

His willingness to cut off U. S. support to Israel is a non-starter for me. This country has historically been a strong supporter of Israel up until the Clinton administration. Of course the Obama administration always comes down on the side of Islam/Muslim Brotherhood over Israel putting America at risk—but that is a discourse for another time.

I realize support of Israel has no clear link to the position of a constitutional conservative, nevertheless Israel is the only other nation in the world willing to stand up to the heinous Islam/Palestinian imperialism and it is in our interest to support them. Biblical mandates to support Israel notwithstanding, the fact is, Islam is a huge threat to our country—just look at Europe. Indeed not supporting Israel is diametrically opposed to our own pragmatic national interest.

Mitch Daniels also shot himself in the foot in his address to the Ripon Society as far back as 2009. Basically it is a call to pragmatic politics, which is what this country is full of already. We need people who will stand on principle and not back down. Business as usual to maintain the status quo is unacceptable.

While I have made no commitment myself yet, Tim Pawlenty is looking better all the time.