America’s Worst Enemy—Dead or Still Alive?

Bin Laden is toast. Everyone agrees it is a victory for America—symbolically at least. His planned attack did kill over 3,000 innocents, impacting forever an unknown number of lives, and costing the U. S. billions of dollars.

I think the case can be made that America’s biggest threat for the past three years was not Osama, but rather Obama. Consider the facts.

  • Obama and his minions in the last congress have almost certainly damaged the U. S. economy irreparably
  • He has strategically wounded our national security with his socialistic governance and his wholesale shredding of the U. S. Constitution
  • He is striving mightily to install a medical insurance system that will, if he succeeds kill send more people to an early grave than the atrocious attacks on 911

and this is only for starters!

Perhaps the most damaging thing Obama has done is to abet the “quiet combatants,” our avowed enemies that have repeatedly stated their intent to destroy America from the inside out. Muslims have been allowed to infiltrate our culture and our government.

The blame for this lies not with Obama alone, no, no—it also lies at the feet of George W. Bush. He kicked open the door not only for Obama to rule this country, but also for the millions of illegals of all nationalities to swarm our borders and kill our citizens. While U.S. citizens are groped at airport checkpoints radical Muslims come and go with virtual impunity.

How many are Muslim terrorist? This insanity is now compounded by raids by the South American drug cartels on American soil, killing Americans! Nevertheless now that we are fully into Obama’s watch. It is Obama that has threatened and brought suit against those courageous enough to stand against this reckless stupidity—true Americans, born in the U. S. A..

This cannot stand. This cannot continue.