The Problem of Sin

At the end of the day, nothing will change our nation but repentance from sin.

No political victory or law passed will do it.

We may someday have laws against abortion, but as long as sin reigns, people will still end the lives of unborn children. The sense of justice may salve our consciences, but without repentance, the tragedy will continue.

We may someday save Social Security and Medicare, but as long as sin reigns, families and communities will still fall short when Social Security and Medicare aren’t enough. The sense of stability may provide comfort, but without repentance, people will still be left on the margins of society.

We may someday balance our budget and pay down our debt, but as long as sin reigns, we’ll simply revert to our previous condition given the chance. A sense of prudence and responsibility may accompany good fiscal practice, but without repentance, we will continue to incline toward insisting on instant gratification.

We may someday have a system that inspires individuals to make good choices and lift themselves out of poverty, but as long as sin reigns, people will still make bad choices resulting in impoverished lives. The sense of right policy may offer encouragement, but without repentance, social disconnection and cycles of need will remain.

We may someday figure out a foreign policy that optimally discourages war, but as long as sin reigns, nations will still find reasons to go to war. Our strong military, clever sanctions, and nuanced peace accords may provide the perception of safety, but without repentance, selfishness will lead to mass destruction and bloodshed.

Yes, vote, and vote prayerfully. But even more, pray for our nation and our world. Seek the Lord daily. Pray that we all would turn from our sin and toward God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ, who died that we might have forgiveness of our sins.

Blessings to all.

Proverbs 3:5-6