Republicans Deny Registered Democrat Voters Healthcare.

Recently in a mail survey the RNC mentioned the possibility of Democrats deliberately cutting off healthcare availability to Republicans due to easy access to their voting registration.  A recent article on the front page detailed that while this possibility is unlikely, there is nothing in place to actually stop this practice or anything similar from happening.

Upon seeing this in print, those on the left reacted with a mix of outrage and ridicule toward the RNC, noting correctly that there is nothing in any bill that comes remotely close to encouraging or legalizing this practice.  Indeed, knowing what I know about liberals, I am almost positive that they discounted the possibility immediately as something which they are not even morally capable of, as opposed to those of us on the right who harbor ill will toward our fellow man and evil tendencies that surface when given any amount of power.

Therein lies the point of this diary, and why I think the RNC question was not nearly as effective as it should have been, and why the left should be asking themselves more important questions than if they would seriously consider deliberately attempting to lower the average life expectancy for Republicans.

The nature of elected government, as we saw during the last few years under Bush, and as we are seeing quite clearly under Obama, is the constant loss of goodwill and trust toward the party currently in power from the voting masses.  The two parties are constantly jockeying for position, with the one out of power magnifying every potential issue in an attempt to regain their place as elected leaders of the country, which most often does eventually happen.  Noting this about our current system, my question to those who would like to see any form of increased government intervention into healthcare, specifically a single payer system, is as follows; Do you trust a Republican President, a Republican majority in Congress, Republican bureaucracies, and even local Republican workers to meet and care for every single one of your healthcare needs?

Perhaps I am wrong, and though I get called disgusting (to my face), disingenuous, evil, and heartless by those of the leftish persuasion, they would indeed trust me to provide for them if I was in fact given control.  However, for some strange reason, that possibility strikes me as not quite likely.  If it does happen though, that the public option is either revived or smuggled through the door, there is absolutely no doubt that at some point it will be run by Republicans.  It is even possible that it could happen as soon as 2013, which just so happens to be the year that the Democrats want the new bill to go into effect.

I would consider it wise, when arguing about the merits of increased government control, to always keep in mind that at some point your political foes will bear the fruit of the control you are fighting for.