Obama Schooled On Leadership by the Ladies...But Fails Test On Honduras.

Over the last two weeks, when things were going to hell in a handbasket in Iran, President Obama has been schooled by a couple of females. First, he came out late and little on the protesting in the streets of Tehran. As people died confronting Iran’s corrupt leadership, Obama was meek and non-commital on supporting them. Meanwhile, in Germany, President Angela Merkel was front and center, calling for new elections and condemning what was an obviously rigged vote in the face of angering some of her European colleagues. Merkel’s strong response stood in contrast to Obama’s timid mumblings about the Iranian governments treatment of the protesters. He said nothing about how obvious it was that the recent elections were clearly stolen by the ruling clerics.

It wasn’t until Merkel came to Washington last week that Obama followed her lead in making a stronger statement about how “the world is watching” the events in Iran. No condemnation, no verbage regarding specific voting irregularities. Just a whiny “stop the violence, please” kind of statement.

Fox News reports that Merkel wasn’t the only lady who pushed Obama to get tougher on Iran. Hillary Clinton reportedly had been “advocating a stronger U.S. response”, but was rebuffed by the president. And then when he did decide to use tougher language, he didn’t notify Clinton, who was caught off guard by the statement.

This is why Latin American tinpot dictators are now flexing their muscles. They see the American President as someone they can ignore. And they got a great example of Obama’s ideation on their region this week. When the coup occured in Honduras, and the legally elected President was exiled, it was immediately condemned by world leaders. But all President Obama could muster was that he was “deeply concerned.” He doesn’t want to ruffle any feathers down there.

Here you had a country that has a constitution. In that constitution its states that the president is only allowed to serve one four-year term. It also said that if the citizens wanted to change that law, it could call a referendum through it’s congress. In this case, the president, Mel Zelaya, decided that he wanted to be president longer than four years. So he decided to have his own little election. Skipping the whole constitutional referendum thing, he called on his Venezuelan buddy, Hugo Chavez, to send him some ballots. Chavez knows a thing or two about becoming a lifelong dictator. He tried to force this on his people recently, and was told to forget it. But he was willing to put his freind Zelaya in a position to make it work in Honduras.

The Honduran Supreme Court told Zelaya that his vote would be unconstitutional. Zelaya told the military to prepare to have the vote anyway, and they have alot to do with distributing ballots in Honduras. The Supreme Court demanded that the military refuse the presidential order. Zilaya decided that he could win the majority of soldiers over, and he ordered them to break in and steal the ballots, which had been locked away in a military warehouse. A small group did just that, and began distributing the ballots to anyone who wanted one. This was clearly against the constitution of the country, and in the end Mr. Zelaya was sent packing.

Obama (with the backing of Hillary at the State Department) is now demanding that Zelaya be returned to power. They are in strange company on this. The Hondurans say that they are following their constitution, as is the Supreme Court and Congress. And they are right. Why is our country joining Chavez and a host of others, including the Castro’s in Cuba, in condemning a countries effort to follow it’s constitution? They are insisting that “military coups” are not how to deal with problems like these. They call it barbaric. But this was not a military coup. It was the removal of a law breaker.

If they want to have Zelaya back in Honduras, it should be done by way of a trial. He can return to face the court system and the people who he tried to rule by fiat. Sorry, Hugo, Fidel, Raul, Daniel, and, well, Barack. This time a constitution will stand strong. It is an effort to prevent a president from becoming a dictator. Don’t laugh, America. We may be next.