NRA Nightmare -- Sotomayor Is Bad on Abortion and Bad on Guns

The answer for the NRA has to be clear.  Judge Sotomayor is bad on abortion and bad on guns – very bad.  She has made the picture exceedingly clear.  She has testified that abortion, which is not found in the Constitution, is a fundamental right, but that the right to bears arms, which is found in the Constitution, is not.  To me, that’s problematic, very problematic.

For an organization that prides itself on being the national symbol for gun rights, the NRA pales in comparison on gun right positions to Gun Owners of America.  Senior GOP staffers refer to the NRA as the “No Rifle Association,” when it comes to fighting for the issues every gun owner should believe in.  You might understand why, when you realize that an organization that scores votes on gun issues has not scored a vote in the Senate since 2004.

I was shocked recently, when I received a solicitation from the NRA talking about gun grabbing politicians and how the NRA is standing against them.  One person mentioned in the letter was Attorney General Eric Holder.  When GOP Senators called on the NRA to oppose the Holder nomination, according to insiders the NRA had a retort for them: “stand down; we make the gun decisions around here.”  The NRA made the decision to not insert guns on the DC voting bill.  Fortunately, conservatives told them to stand down.  Otherwise, DC would now have voting rights.

The NRA wrote a strong letter before the hearing started.  They provided Judge Sotomayor a roadmap on how to testify, hoping they could avoid scoring the vote.  Judge Sotomayor gave the NRA the finger, while trampling over their roadmap and our Second Amendment rights.  She was not evasive on guns, like all of the other issues.  She was absolutely clear.  The Second Amendment only applies to residents of the District of Columbia, where no one can purchase a gun.

“The NRA better not stand down on this one.  They better score the vote,” said one GOP staffer.  Another said this: “It is time of the NRA to stop protecting Patrick Leahy and have some courage.”  I hope the NRA finds that courage.  It is necessary for them to avoid being labeled as a group that once fought for gun rights.