Let it Burn!

So… The Administration built it’s ‘house’ on this law…

They own it…

And now – completely on it’s own, without GOP involvement, the law is self-destructing.

Predictions say it only gets worse heading into the 2014 election season….

WHY would we even consider expending legislative capital trying to dismantle something that is now working in our own favor?

EVEN IF we could repeal the law… Even IF we could use the budget process against it effectively (which we cannot, as the Administration will gladly sacrifice every Democrat seat in Congress to save Obama’s ‘legacy’)….


The ‘enemy’ camp is on fire, and we’re offering to expend all our political capital to put the fire OUT? Really?

Let it burn. They built it, they designed it, and we warned them it would do this…

They finally screwed up identity politics – the law hurts so many more people than it helps (via cancellations) that the normal ‘Once a welfare program starts paying benefits, it becomes unstoppable’ calculus does not apply: The people receiving O-care ‘benefits’ are hard-core Dem voters ONLY (under-26yos, the bottom 33%, et-al), and it is a very small group of them at that. The people hurt by O-care are the very people we need to CONVERT to the GOP (26-35yos, young families, etc)… Letting it take effect and fail HELPS us.

So why not sit back & enjoy the greatest self-inflicted disaster liberalism has seen since Jimmy Carter?

Sure, we can offer ‘fixes’ that modify the law to make it even more unworkable… Such as allowing the existing insurance market to carry on outside the exchanges (encouraging our voters to keep their cheaper private-sector plans, and sticking the Democrat voters (who need the subsidies) with the O-care exchanges)….

But we should NOT attempt to delete this ‘gift horse’ from existance yet… Not until it hands us the Congress in 2014, and possibly (if the Dems go full-retard & nominate Liz ‘Mondale’ Warren) the presidency in 2016….

Especially since keeping it around & allowing the inferno to build gives us the best argument against the inevitable Warren/Clinton pitch for Single Payer – ‘If they couldn’t make Obamacare work, how can they make full nationalization work, either?’….

We need to let the pain happen, so that people will remember what happens when you let liberals play with their health care – we need to let the house O built burn down….