And then there were NONE! (No-Carry States, that is)

The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that Illinois’ total ban on defensive firearms carry outside ones private property is unconstitutional.


For those not following the gun-rights issue, this means that unless the Supreme Court reverses said ruling (which is unlikely in light of their recent decisions in the DC and Chicago cases, which finally settled in precedent that the 2nd Ammendment means what it says) there will now be NO states left where it is absolutely illegal for a private citizen to carry a firearm for protection.

Now, there are still battles to be fought – mostly in states like CA and NY that allow carry but only if you are ‘connected’ enough to be approved by a judge or the local sheriff…

But it’s amazing how far we’ve come since the 80s campaigns to abjectly ban handguns, and the 90s ‘assault weapons’ scare….

This is one issue where the Right has unequivocally won…