How to get something *real* out of a fiscal cliff 'deal'


It should be pretty clear that we are not going to win the fight over tax rates at this time…

I don’t *like* it, but it’s where we are stuck: If we do nothing, taxes go up on everyone, with no real impact on spending (the ‘Sequester’ is a joke).

So, here’s a thought:

Why not take one of the Dem’s own talking points *about us* and turn it against them:

Remember back in the campaign when the Dems kept making hay about how all the GOP primary candidates refused to accept $10 in cuts for $1 in revenue?

Well, we should ‘make them an offer’ along these lines, but more balanced:

We will give you whatever tax increase you want – so long as the increase is the same percentage for all persons who’s taxes are being raised.


It will be phased in in 1% increments per 1% decrease in TOTAL annual Federal expenditures over the last fiscal year – and will only stay in effect as long as the total annual expendatures continue to contract, up until the point that the budget is balanced.

In essence, they get their tax increase, but ONLY if there is progress on the budget, because without a movement towards balancing the budget, the tax increase doesn’t happen…

This also, essentially, requires that the revenue collected be applied to balancing the budget, because if it is spent on something else, it can’t be collected…

(P.S. We should have made this deal in 2011, instead of this sequester nonsense… And no, they won’t take it… But it will SOUND good in 2014)…