The one that flew 'under the radar': Obama's Stealth Tax Increase (on the Middle Class)...

Of all the things that were said, and have been said about the debate on Weds… One thing just slipped right past everyone (including Mitt – if it didn’t, he didn’t show that he caught it)…
During the debate, Obama promised to raise taxes on the middle class, 3 times.


Yes, that’s right… He did. But most folks didn’t realize it!



If Obama raises taxes on the oil industry (as he promised to do), the oil industry won’t pay a penny moreYOU AND I WILL, when the price of gas ‘necessarily’ goes up…

If Obama cuts Medicare payments to doctors and insurance companies by 716BN, the doctors & insurance companies will just bill all of us that are NOT on Medicare more! This is ALREADY happening under the existing Medicare program, and is one of the primary drivers of rising health costs!

If Obama taxes companies more for outsourcing, we get hit double – the companies that pay charge us more for their products, while the companies that change their minds will have to raise prices to pay for the extra labor cost!

So in the end, trying to’ soak the rich’ soaks the middle instead… Go figure!