What Does It All Mean?

What does it all mean? We’ve had the debates, we’ve heard the cases plead from both sides, we’ve heard the accusations across the party aisles, but what does it all mean? Well my friends it is up to all of us to decide for ourselves. I have to chuckle everytime the pundits follow a debate, a rally or an interview, because as you are well aware, we as a people are too stupid to ingest and interperate on our own what was just stated, but I have to wonder sometimes if the pundits and talking heads are watching and hearing the same things we are. So here’s my take on what it all means. Sen Obama is brilliant, no one is arguing this one. Sen McCain has always put this country first, also not an issue that could be argued. Obama has generated excitment in this campaign like nothing the dems have seen since JFK. If only on a slighter scale Gov Palin as done as well for the republicans. But there are issues that are not so plainly stated that I would like help understanding.How can anyone trust that Barack Obama will “take care of them” when he won’t take care of his own family? Not to mention his extended family.

Why do the Obama supporters keep lowering the income level that will be considered in the tax increase? (Ok, I know the answer to this one. It’s just fun to keep bringing it up.)

Who is Barack Obama really? (This one REALLY bothers me)

Folks I have a really good gut feeling about Tues. Maybe because I know I am not the only one who still has these nagging questions. It is my belief that when most of us go to the polling centers and we get ready to cast that vote, one question will prevail over even the most obvious of Obama supporters who wonder “how much will he get for me?” The question will be “Who is really better for this country?” and the answer will be,the one who has dedicated his life to it and for it’s cause. Senator John McCain.

That’s what I believe it’s all about.