Rev. Jesse Jackson I Apologize

Although as a lifelong republican I thought I would never, ever say these words, Rev. Jesse Jackson may be due an apology. When the headline broke that Rev. Jackson had spoken in France about Sen. Obama’s views of Israel and the jewish people, most including myself felt that he was throwing Obama “under the bus” because Rev. Jackson was jealous of the attention Obama had garnered. After all this type of attention was supposed to be reserved for himself and Rev Al Sharpton. But what if Rev. Jackson was really trying to warn us and could not get any traction in the US media? What if Joe Biden is not making as many gaffes as the media is reporting, but actually also trying to warn us which he literally did. Is it possible that these two men have been to “OZ” gone behind the curtain, and witnessed what/who is actually behind the controls and have literally been “scared straight” If so Rev. Jackson I apologize.