Destruction of the Middle Class

I strongly believe the days of the “middle class” are numbered and below I have listed the top reasons.

1. The middle class becomes the middle class because of corporations and employers that are stable enough to pay good wages and to give the employees stability to strenghthen the local economy. If you tax the corp. the extras enjoyed by the employees will be less and the cost will invariably trickle down to the consumer.

  1. If the consumer has to pay more, they will not spend as much causing issues such as “home grown” businesses to fail. If you are over the age of 30 you have seen this enough in your lifetime. (Not to mention the more mature readers!)

  2. Since when does anyone in their right mind believe that a great economy is “built from the bottom up”? Now I wasn’t great in Economics class in school, but once you become an adult in any since of the word, you become an economics majoring in real life. If what Senator Obama really believes what he stated, and the scary thing is… I really think that he does, why isn’t Mexico, Venezuela and Cuba world super powers? The answer is because no economy has ever survived without the three classes.

This country was built on the premis that if you work hard enough, you can achieve anything. But, the key word is work. This country, this world does not owe anything to anyone, you have to get up every morning and make a decision, are YOU going to make YOUR life better? If you are one of the Obama supporters more than likely your thoughts are What can this country, this world do for me? And that is why I believe the “Middle Class” days are numbered.

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