Isnt it time we listen?

I am shocked to get onto redstate.com and find an article that implies that Congressman Ron Paul aligns himself with totalitarianism because he did not vote to honor a chinese dissident. Everyone who knows anything about Ron Paul knows that he only votes for something if congress is given permission by the CONSTITUTION to be voting on whatever it is. Although something like this has no obvious danger it is the same as every other time that our government tramples on the constitution. We need more people like Ron Paul much less a conservative(and im using that term lightly) website trashing the defender of the constitution. The tea party was founded by Ron Paul’s base for God sakes. Ron paul is the most conservative member of our federal government, there is no room for debate on that. This man will not only vote to lower income tax he will vote to abolish it. If you consider yourself a conservative and you dont understand that the war on drugs, terror and POVERTY are all the same than you are falling hard in a bad way. The government can not accomplish anything, it is that simple. In the same way that government intervention causes the problems with health care it also causes the problems related to our national security. To say that you do not want universal health care because of government incompetence but you do want the government to control what we can put in our bodys is just foolish. EVERYTHING the government does is paid for by the theft from hard working Americans. Why should we have to pay to put a drug user in jail but not to help someone who is sick? Contradictions are what are so dangerous and this is what is killing our country. Think about all the things liberals want our federal government to do and how unconstitutional they all are. No doubt, they would all argue that they are necessary and that the end justifies the means. You cannot give the government a power that can be used only when a republican is in office. Many people who considered themeselves republicans have already woken up and have heard Ron Pauls message and many more will soon. If websites like these continue to fight Ron Paul they will pay the price especially if Ron decides to run third party. A conservative should always be anti-war. What gives the government more money, excuses, and reasons to expand other than war? What gives the government more power to take away our civil liberties other than war? I used to defend George Bush and i still think he was a well intentioned good person but that only proves the dangerousness of a powerful government. Please people if you havent heard the call yet i urge you to find out for yourself, search Ron Paul on youtube or google. Above anything else though his ideas on free market capitilism is what makes him the only true conservative left in congress. Start looking into what the federal reserve has done to your dollar, your jobs, and your childrens future. I encourage you to look into austrian economics business cycle theory (especially if you despise paul krugman). Lets bring back the constitution and the american way of life!!!