We Conservatives need to offer real solutions.  We must get back to the basics of Conservative Constitutional liberty so that we are not just putting band aides on symptoms and thus perpetuating the underlying problems that have been created by the Liberal lust for control and antipathy to liberty. Senator Barry Goldwater’s “The Conscience of a Conservative” should be read by every Conservative right now.  Senator Goldwater stresses that the genius of the Constitution was to prevent power from being concentrated where it can (inevitably) be used to take our liberty.  “The Conscience of a Conservative” lays out perfectly the contrast between Conservatism vs. Liberalism and how the Liberal disregard of the Constitution has put our liberty in peril.  It also presents solutions to the problems created by this disregard of the Constitution.

One solution Senator Goldwater presents would solve the problems of the American auto manufacturers and, if it had been enacted, would have preserved the American manufacturing sector.  That is to break the monopoly of the labor unions.  Businesses are not allowed to have a monopoly but Ford, GM and Chrysler all have to bargain with the UAW.   Too much power and money from union dues, is concentrated in the hands of a few union leaders who are not elected by the American people.   And they use that power to play one company off against the other, for poisonous political patronage, and even at times to hold an entire industry sector hostage with work stoppages.  Goldwater’s solution was that unions should be restricted to one company, have private ballots (NO CARD CHECK) and be prohibited from political involvement (including all their work arounds).  Then their legitimate purpose of representing their workers would be promoted and companies would not be beat into debilitating concessions that lead to them being noncompetitive. 

The American auto companies produce a great product but have been brought to their sorry state by labor agreements that they have been forced into by a monopolistic labor union.  Imagine where Ford, GM and Chrysler would be today if Senator Goldwater’s solution had been enacted. 

LIBERTY WORKS.  The Republican Party needs to be about solutions and it all starts with a return to legitimate governance that adheres to the Constitution of the United States and the banishment of the illegitimate governance by an elite that we have right now. We Conservatives need to offer real solutions and when we do we will win because Liberalism is not about solutions, it’s about control by an elite that is not only anti liberty but as history shows; Liberalism is no solution.