Obama / Biden Choose Women to Fight Their Battles for Them.

As an obvious act of fear and desperation, Senators Obama and Biden have deployed a group of female democrats to fight the onslaught brought on by the addition of Governor Sarah Palin to the GOP ticket. It makes great sense that he has asked Senator Hillary Clinton to speak for him, he should have chosen her in the first place. This is now screamingly obvious. But, the addition of the rest of the female wrecking crew only serves to prove that Sen. Obama made the wrong VP choice. Every time a woman speaks for him, we are reminded that Senator Clinton should be the voice we hear.

With this latest anemic effort to recover from the blows received during the RNC, my first thought is, isn’t Sen. Obama afraid of looking like he is sending out a bunch of girls to fight for him? Men bring a certain type of style and leadership to the campaign, women bring a different sort of style. Sen. Obama may very well be making the argument that Sen. McCain has been making about him, is he ready to lead our country or is only ready to follow the path that others set for him? Is he afraid to speak for himself or is he afraid that he isn’t credible anymore? I was taught a long time ago, that a true man fights his own battles, no matter what the consequence. I think that the Obama campaign is drawing the clearest line between their candidate and Sen. McCain. Sen. McCain fought on his own, chose to stay as a POW with his men, he needed no help from Daddy, and he has stood alone and battled his own party. Sen. Obama on the other hand, chooses to hide behind women’s skirts and have them fight for him. Thank you Sen. Obama for making the difference between the two of you so clear, the choice on November 4th is easy, the man, the only true man for president, is John McCain.