If Rev. Wright Isn't Used, McCain Will Probably Lose

The absolute nuclear bomb in the Republican arsenal is Rev. Wright, and it looks like McCain has taken the one weapon that can destroy Obama off the table. All because he’s afraid of being called a racist by the same people that have already called him a racist.

I have absolutely no idea why some 527’s haven’t sprang up and brought the Wright issue back to life. It’s far more potent than Ayers, or the socialism charge, or Biden’s latest gaffe. Obama plays the race game when it suits him, and then the post-racial figure when he’s around “white folks.”

If independent voters are reminded that Obama comes from the same movement that brought us Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Louis Farrakhan, he’s finished. I don’t care how bad the economy is, voters are going to reject these types of divisive figures.

I guess McCain wants to be a loved loser like Bob Dole, and is afraid people like Chris Matthews will call him a race-baiter after the election.

I’m sure Bush Sr. still regrets running the Willie Horton ad that put him in the White House.

No matter what Republicans do, they’re going to be called racists. We might as well move on and win elections.