Driver's Licenses For Illegals. (Why Isn't McCain Using This Issue?)

One issue the McCain campaign is completely ignoring is the stand Obama took during the Democrat primary of supporting driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants. 75% of Americans wisely oppose this, even in liberal states like New York and California. I would argue this issue helped Schwarzeneggar win in California, and destroyed the political career of Spitzer in New York (before the escort scandal).

McCain could easily win Ohio and Michigan on this one issue alone. I understand McCain is trying to reach Hispanic voters, but I would argue that the only Hispanics that would want driver’s licenses for illegals, are of course illegal immigrants that are ineligible to vote (supposed to, anyway).

Whatever small amount of Hispanics this would alienate would be made up 20 to 1 by working class white’s and Reagan Democrats. It would also fire up the conservative base. If I were the McCain campaign, I would be running ads non-stop in the industrial mid-west educating people on Obama’s stance.

Any idea why this game-changing issue is being completely ignored?