Paul Krugman's Blame the right column on June 11,2009

The Big Hate

Please read Krugman’s column then please respond!!!!!!!!

I believe Krugman wants to  blame the right for everything even if it’s not true!

It’s time to let Krugman know the only people responsible for George Tiller’s death is the guy that killed him. No body else! To believe otherwise is to be delusional!


The man that killed the guard in the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum is a white supremacist !He is responsible for his own actions!

Not the right talk radio hosts

Not the TV hosts?

The question is what type of world does Mr. Krugman live in where everybody else is responsible for one person’s actions? I know it’s not the same world the rest of us live in!

Send Paul Krugman

Let Krugman know how you feel!


Also tell everyone else you know to write also.