Barack Obama's top 10 100 days

10. Wasting the networks time and money for Obama to have another Press conference and lose revenue just and so he can get more face time on TV. In addition, Barack Obama may preempt one of your favorite programs!

9. Barack Obama can’t keep one of his most important promises he made to the American people. Post a bill online for 4 days before voting on it so the American people can see what their representatives and senators are voting for!  Only one bill I heard was posted before voting on it. So much for Obama’s promise of transparency.

8. Barack Obama also brought us Tim Geithner   as Treasury Secretary!  How can a man who can’t figure out his own taxes being in charge of the U.S. tax code? Remember: Obama believes Geithner is the only qualified person for the job.

7.  Barack Obama’s United States Automobile Guarantee Program ! Should GM or Chrysler  go out of business the government will guarantee warranties!

6. Continuing to fund the Automobile industry. Let them go bankrupt.

5.The AIG Fiasco with bonuses……..

4.Barack Obama’s promise to go line by line to cut pork  and earmarks from the budget. Obama broke his word. For the 2009 budget Barack Obama had the chance to show us if he was going to keep that promise,but didn’t and couldn’t bear bring out his veto pen . Another Promise Broken

3. Barack Obama’s willingness to cut the defense budgettotally  irresponsible!

2. Barack Obama must think being the President of the United him and sitting around in the oval office is just boring,so he gets on Air Force One and travels the country just to make headlines and see himself on TV and in the Newspapers.

1. Air Force one fly over in New York-Some heads should be rolling for creating a panic in New York  with the low level fly over of Air Force One . This brought back memories of 9/11/01. What if this stunt would have frightened somebody really bad and they had a heart attack or if someone got trampled on because of the people running down the stairs?

 ALL of this panic created so the White House could have new pictures of Air Force One flying over statue the liberty.  Also remember the cost per hour to fly Air Force One!  They could have used photoshop and saved all that money! But the Obama administration is about spending your money and that is the bottom line!