The Reasons to Vote Republican

If Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid pick up more seats in the House and gets Reid gets a filibuster proof Senate, they can Ram their political agenda right through and have Barack Obama sign it and become law. Just imagine the big supprises they have in store for us.

A. The Bush Tax cuts will be rolled back and you will be paying a higher tax rate nomatter what you make! This will kill jobs and send other ones overseas to make things cheaper and to sell their products to other markets because this country will go broke.

B. Social Security will just become another tax. You will pay into it and get nothing out of it when it comes time to retire. If you Depend on Social Security for a living now they will tell you Sorry We don’t have any money to give you.

C. Your 401 K will be taxed. Barney Frank wants part of your retirement fund!

D. Banks will become nationalized! And if you make any money on stocks if you have them and they are still worth something your going to get hit with high capital gaines taxes. Inflation will be high and intrest rates.

E. They will cut the defense Budget by 25% while we have troops in harms way!

F. National Healthcare for everyone that will help bankrupt this country. Just wait till you get sick and you need a test urgently and they tell you that you will have to wait 6 months to a year to get it.

G. Acorn will be the national Registors for voter Registration.

H. A Planned Parenthood comming to a corner near you ! Plus they will be put into our schools to teach Sex education to our kids.

I.Your Second Amendment will go away.

J.Your first Amendment will be limited.

K. After all the money is gone the jobs we will all be in a soup line like back in the 30’s.

L. Terrorists will be able to attack us because we have no way to defend ourselves.

M. Crime will be rampant.

We will look like a third world country real fast!

Don’t let this happen…..

Vote Republican


Vote McCain/Palin