John McCain's Closing Argument to The People. It's More than the Economy! Updated today!

Ladies and gentleman why would you want to vote for a man that wants to hide his assocations like Barack Obama has? Sooner or later Obama is going to have to answer for his Associations and explain them Like:

How Barack Obama Became A state Senator. Now if Barack isn’t going to tell the truth on this what is what elese is he hiding?

Barack knows his way around a ballot. The story how Barack Obama became a state Senator in the Illinois Senate. Story from the Chicago Tribune.

Luckily we have the press archives!

Sen. Obama: William Ayers a guy in the neighborhood……

William Ayers bio

Then Ayers Coffee for Barack’s State Senate Run came out.

Then the key article about a fund raiser that Obama says never happened or just doesn’t want the people to know about from CNN. Is Obama willing to call the former State Senator Alice Palmer a Liar, not on TV, but to her FACE on TV? It’s time start flushing Obama out on this issue. If Obama is not willing to tell the truth on this issue what else is he hiding?

This is something he doesn’t want you to know. Is it because Obama knows about Ayers Past? Most likely!

Then The Events Barack Obama attended with William Ayers:

Barack Obama on the Ayers issue because if Obama won’t tell the truth about Ayers what else will he not tell us?Intellectuals: Who Needs Them?Scroll down on the right to where it says 2:15-3:45 p.m.IV. Intellectuals in Times of CrisisExperiences and applications of intellectual work in urgent situations.Now look at the guests under this heading!

Then Barack Obama writes a blurb for William Ayers Book.See below. Barack Obama on the blurb he wrote for Bill Ayers BookA Kind and Just Parent: The Children of Juvenile Court.

You just don’t write a blurb for somone’s book you barely know or is just a guy in the neighborhood Sen. Obama!

Barack Obama served on the Woods Fund of Chicago with William Ayers.

William Ayers is still on the Board. scroll Down the pace and you will see William Ayers Name listed like this:

William C. AyersDistinguished Professor of Education, University of Illinois at Chicago.

The Chicago Annenberg Challenge. Barack Can’t say he wasn’t on the Board!

What did Barack Obama Achieve while on this Board with William Ayers? Produce the proof good or Bad Barack.

Just a Guy in the neighborhood ? Barack How Old were you when you served on a board With Ayers?

Now listen to William Ayers interview to a radio station in 2002 .

Keep Bill Ayers words on your mind while reading about The late Professor Edward Said ,Rashid Khalidi,Ali Abunimah and Khalid al-Mansour. The people Sen. Obama knew. Does he really share their beliefs in private? I don’t know.Obama says he is for Pro Israel. or is Barack playing the typical pandering to certain groups just to get their votes?

I will let the readers decide.

Rashid Khalidi:

A Jewish voterasked Barack Obama About his ties to Rashid Khalidi.

What are Barack Obama’s Ties or relationship to Rashid Khalidi? The Los Angeles times has an Article About Barack Obama and Rashid Khalidi you should read. Here is the link.

The MSM isn’t covering this Story I wonder Why?

The Los Angeles Times won’t release this video tape of this till after the election. Does Barack Obama have something to hide?

The Los Angeles Times is endorsed Barack Obama for President!

If this was about John McCain, it would have been all over the internet.

Why did Mona Khalidi get money from the Woods Fundfor anorganizationwhere she was on the board?The money was given when Barack Obama and William Ayers were on the Woods Fund Board together! Was this money give under some quid pro quo? I wonder!

A good question for Obama to answer but one I am sure he would duck!

If Barack Obama still affiliated with and is sympathetic to Rashid Khalidi’s cause then Obama could harm our relationship with Israel if he was elected President! It’s something to think about.

What was Barack Obama’s affiliation with late Professor Edward Said?How did he meet him and does Barack Share the views of the late professor?

PS: The late Professor Edward Said wrote a little blurb on the back cover of William Ayers Book: Fugative days a Memoir Hard Cover Versionon the back cover of the Hard cover book.

Fugative days a Memoir Paper Back Version on the Paperback cover version. (Shorter Quote)

I wonder if William Ayers introduced Barack Obama to the late Professor Edward Said?

Who is Ali Abunimahand how did you meet this person Senator Obama?

Who is Khalid al-Mansour Plus go watch some You tube Video’s on Khalid al-Mansour and Percy Sutton.

Wall Street:

Why hasn’t Obama given a plan to hold the CEO’s accountable for the Wall street mess and the people involved in the subprime lending scandal?

Barack Obama’s Tax Scheme:

He says he’s going to give 95% of the people a tax Break?How is he going to do it? only 60% of the people pay taxes!

I believe Barack Obama will give everybody making $42,000.00 or more a tax hike!

Next there is Barack Obama’s shell game to give you a stimulus check. What he will do is add to the deficit to give you money you will have to pay back!= Shell Game!


Barack Obama wants to roll back the Bush tax cuts which will kill jobs. Especially small business! If you think it’s bad now think again.

Barack Obama wants to Raise the Capital Gaines taxes. That means after he would kill the economy if you made some money you would be taxed on it.

Barack Obama won’t have the money to buy people health insurance that can’t afford it. We are already in a very big deficit. He would have to borrow more money from Japan and China to fund his programs. Someday soon they are going to pay up and call in their t-bonds!

Then I believe you would see the worst happen!


Just what are Obama’s ties to ACORN! a. His ties to ACORN Just deep are they? b. What about this $800,000.00 he fundled to Acorn? c. The American taxpayers money is going to ACORN which must stop!

Watch this Video….. I wonder many of Community Organizers will shape the agenda?

Obama’s other Board:

Obama sat on the board of the Joyce Foundationfrom 1994-2002. Why is it that Barack Obama doesn’t want you to know this?

Obama wants to take away your [second amendment ] (http://campaignspot.nationalreview.com/post/?q=MmM2NjY3ZWEyNjE4MTMwMDlmNTA5NzE2M2Y2NDQ4ZTM=) right to protect yourself.

(Article above is from the National Review Online.)

What About this Issue and where do you stand on it Barack?

Remember Barack Obama’s commentsabout small town America Clinging to their guns and religion

Joe Biden on his Clean Coal Technology! flip flop.

Hey Joe what about your son R.Hunter Bidenbeing a Washington lobbyist?

Hey Barack Obama you said for getting rid of lobbyists !

Why did you pick Sen. Joe Biden as your running mate who has a son that is a lobbyist? I would sure like to hear your answer!

Sen. Obama you say you want to change Washington… To what??

Or is it that change(as in coins) is all we will have after your tax increases and no lobbying reform?

The American people really want to know!

How will Barack Obama protect the U.S. from terror attacks if Barack cuts defense spending? How will barack protect the U.S. from missile attacks if he reduces funding for our missile sheild plans if elected President?

Will you Barack Obama get rid of our nuclear weapons and leave us weak ?

The 3:00AM Call

Barack Obama has never made a decision that could affect the security of the United States or to help protect allies.

Just imagine it’s 3:00 AM in the morning ,the red Phone rings ……… Crisis In the Middle East has arose, Iran now has a nuclear war head and now have missles from Russia and launched an attack on Israel! What Would You do Barack? Or will you say you have our support and do nothing?


Their is a REPORT(No Conformation) of several incomming ICBM’S What would you do Barack? Remember your decision time is short this decision can only be made by you and has consequences. No to time for indecisiveness.

Or If the Russians are trying to probe our early warning radar with their Tu- 160 Blackjack ?

(Russsia hasn’t been to good of a allie lately this scenario just above could play out. The Russians have been trying to probe our early warning defences to see how we react.) What would Obama do to discourage such incursions?

What is Obama’s plan on Protecting Israel on If elected President? What would Obama do if Israel was attacked by Iran with a nuclear bomb? Would Obama Strike Back ?

What if there was a report(not Yet confirmed) nuclear tippped Icbm’s comming towards the United States What would he do? Remind him he has a short time to act once he gets conformation and only he can make the decision. These are the hypothetical questions Barack Obama Must Answer.

What would Obama do if elected President if Iran closes the Strait of Hormuz to drive up oil price and block the Very Large Crude Carriers from passing through? Would Obama consider it an act of war and take decisive action? Or be passive and let the crisis continue while sitting down with Iran?


What would Obama do if his plan to use the strategic Oil reserve to lower gas prices was put in place and our oil suppliers hiked the price so high in order to disrupt our economy?


Would Obama lose his temper like he did with the old lady in the video clip because he just can’t handle the crisis he is in and do something foolish?

Good questions to think about.

The ticket with experience that will take on the issues of today and tomorrow is John McCain and Sarah Palin.

Vote McCain/Palin

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