If McCain isn't Elected Here's what we might see.

  1. A very unstable economy that Obama won’t be able to contain.

  2. Your dollar will be worthless anywhere else but in America.

  3. More people losing their jobs. Employers closing up permanently and some going over seas to make goods even cheaper.

  4. People in soup lines bccause of the loss of their 401 k’s and money stock.

  5. Social Security may become no more than another tax to help pay off the debt and leave the people that depend on it to lose everything they put into it.

  6. People that will still have jobs look out because you are going to see a tax increase to people making about $42,000.00 or more. what tax rate be on personal income if people are losing jobs ? The government must get their money some way.

  7. Any body making money in the stock market would be hit with a high capitol gaines tax if they cashed in their stock.

  8. Government Grants for your kids to attend college will dry up!

  9. Higher crime rate.

10.China call for the U.S. to pay back all of the T- bonds or face a war.

I hope we never see what could happen above.

Vote McCain /Palin