Why John McCain Will Lose if He Doesn't Wake Up!

I believe John McCain will lose this election if he doesn’t wake up and start engaging Barack Obama on the issues!

  1. Take a stand on the Economic Crisis( Since this is Obama’s strong area for inndependent voters and Democratic voters.) by having people like Donald Trump ,Dave Ramsey and Mike Huckabee ,and Mitt Romney come in draft a plan and Present it to Congress and ask why Obama hasn’t presented a Plan.

  2. Tell Obama you give a good talk but with no substance, is that all you are is talk and No action?

  3. Tell how Obama’s tax Plan will kill the economy!

  4. John McCain Must hit back hard during the Debates! He should have taken off the gloves!

  5. Challenge Obama to do some town hall debates where the people get to ask Questions ! Or is he afraid that he won’t be able to answer a question? This would show Obama in a different Light.

  6. Everyone here agrees John McCain needs to free Sarah Palin from her handlers! Let Sarah Be Sarah.

  7. Start putting out some hard hitting campaign Commercials!

Sen. McCain time is growing shorter every day!