Obama Attack's McCain's age and Sarah Palin's ability to Be President if Need Be.

Video: Michelle on astroturfing and the alleged Obama sockpuppet ad

Here below is the article by Allahpundit on Hot Air.

The reason I bring this to your attention is the way Barack Obama had this video distributed by a media company that David Axelrod uses.

Winner & Mandabach is the California company that produced the video below about Sarah Palin .

Their is a video clip on Hot air’s web page of the video clip and the interview this morning.

I saw the video on Fox News this morning with Megyan Kelly and Bill Hemmer.

Link to the story.


My Question is the Obama campaign trying to use videos like this to start video wars between himself and John McCain? One wold like to know.

Good job to the people that found this video and traced it back! and good story by Hot air & Allahpundit.

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