Barack Obama ........... the 3 AM Call........

Barack Obama has never made a decision that could affect the security of the United States or to help protect allies.

Just imagine it’s 3:00 AM in the morning ,the red Phone rings ……… Crisis In the Middle East has arose, Iran now has a nuclear war head and now missles from Russia and launched an attack on Israel What Would You do Barack? Or will you say you have our support and do nothing.


Their is a REPORT(No Conformation) of several incomming ICBM’S What would you do Barack? Remember your decision time is short this decision can only be made by you and has consequences. No to time for indecisiveness.

Or If the Russians are trying to probe our early warning radar with their Tu- 160 Blackjack ?

(Russsia hasn’t been to good of a allie lately this scenario just above could play out. The Russians have been trying to probe our early warning defences to see how we react.) What would Obama do to discourage such incursions?

What would Obama do if his plan to use the strategic Oil reserve to lower gas prices was put in place and our oil suppliers hiked the price so high in order to disrupt our economy?

Good questions to think about.

The only person that will take on the issues of today and tomorrow is John McCain.